Seven Innovation | Design Projects
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Design and research projects

Seven Innovation is design and research agency collaborating with organizations
to design meaningful services and products that bring happiness to people.

We do so by combining a scientific background in human experience, with the strategic instinct and creativity derived from Design Thinking. Our organization is driven by the strong, yet noble, ideal that promoting human happiness must be the ‘raison d’ȇtre’ of any innovation process. Therefore, our innovation support is based on our unique Positive Design propositions, which we use to help our clients create relevant businesses, build valuable customer relationships, and ultimately play a prominent role in society.


Questions you could answer with the use of our innovation services:


    How to design services and products that bring happiness to people?


    How to perform research on human happiness that is applicable to innovation processes?


   How to better understand customers’ motives, emotions and values?


   How to use insights and theories from human experience to drive our value proposition or company vision?


   How to create innovative concepts that promote customers’ happiness and create positive emotions.


   How to test subjective attributes of human experience on design concepts?



Our Expertise

We offer a range of expertise from research and visual thinking
through to concept development and user-testing.

   Service Design: By elaborating on the company’s vision and strategy, we create services that build high value relationships with both customers and stakeholders.

   Design Research: We combine qualitative research with scientific insights to discover opportunities to improve customers’ experience and their subjective well-being.

   Design for Experience: In the design process, we focus on emotions as the key to create meaningful experiences by developing better and more enjoyable products and services.

   Design for Happiness: With our approach Positive Design, we offer the tools to create products and services that support customers’ well-being and quality of life in the long term.

   Strategic Design: We support companies in developing new strategies, visions and value-propositions to become more valuable for customers in the future.

   Concept Development: We are able to develop concepts of products, services and policies that will support subjective well-being and make a difference in the life of your customers.

For detailed information on how we can help you, please contact us!